Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dry Marble on Parchment

Today I tried a DRY marble using China Glaze White Out and Poinsettia.
I used the technique with parchment paper and let the designs I made dry over night. After they are 100% dry, they will peel right off the parchment! How cool is that?! I also think it is less messy than the water technique. Also, this means you can use GLITTERS!!

This is after they were dried/trimmed and I peeled them off the parchment:

Some of what isn't pictured is my usual prep, and one coat of China Glaze White Out.
 I applied the one coat of CG WO AFTER measuring out a piece of a strip so it would be still a lil tacky to bond with the strip. Basically they go on just like the real nail polish strips.


I did one at a time, just to get the hang of it because this was my FIRST time to dry marble.

After a lot of clean up, eh, not too bad!
I didn't take too much time with the design, just did a typical horizontal/vertical line pattern.
Do wait a while to add your top coat because it did drag a bit, I figured that was from the base coats softening it up a bit.

Or it may have just been my fault lol 
who knows?! 

I did one coat of INM Out the Door then one coat of Seche Vite.


Here's a shot of both hands...

Overall this technique is better. Can't beat pretty-much-already-dried polish!

Til next time...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Color Club *Covered in Diamonds*

Whats that you say??? 

Another post you want?!? 

Well here you go!

Covered in Diamonds is the most awesome flakie. It looks best over black if you want the full effect!

Here is one and a half dabby coats over one coat Kleancolor Black in the shade so you can the awesomeness of the colors.

My only complaint is that the flakies are shredded so they're all different sizes and they sometimes wont lay flat! I had to do two thick coats of SV and I could still feel the edges poking through!

Still, totally worth it for the awesome effect!

I don't always wear black polish, but when I do....
I usually top it with something like this!

Candeo Colors *Mallard*

I'm going to do a quick post on Candeo Colors *Mallard* because this polish is truly one of my favorite glitters of all time.

I think. 


Yeah def top 5 for sure. ;)

Anyways! This is post is showing Mallard over a dark and a lighter color. Mallard is a stunning mix of purple and green glitter in different sizes with silver and some extra sparkle.

First, here it is over China Glaze *viii*. A beautiful dark purple. 
Almost black, but you can tell its purple in the sun.

       And here it is over two coats China Glaze *For Audrey*. 
My minty go-to color.

I love this glitter and think it looks great over both of these colors! I'd like to try it over a periwinkle purple color next!

Ninja Polish *Melted Snowman* over Hits *Poseidon*

Hello everyone! Sorry for the hiatus! 

So, I did some Black Friday shopping online from Ninja Polish and got some festive goodies! Yay!
Aside from Melted snowman, I also managed to grab; Festive Floam, Candy Cane Floam, He Went to Jarred (that hubby is keeping from me until Christmas!) and the awesome FREE Nebula that was sent out with orders totaling more that $50! How awesomely cool is that?! I know I love me some free polish and that Nebula is just GORGEOUS! Be sure to watch their site for when they list it, as I'm sure it will be gone in a heartbeat!

Okay, so on to the Snowman!

I started with my usual prep, then two coats of Hits Poseidon which is a gorgeous light blue holographic. Easy application, had to give the bottle a good shake because the pigment was settling. That's why I think some of the nails look subtly lighter or darker hmmm. I noticed it after the first coat then really gave the bottle a good shaking, then continued with another coat. 

After that was dry, I added one coat of Melted Snowman.

Then one coat of SV to seal things up and.... wah-lah!

Indoor lighting...

Application was great! Dry time was great! And it's just too cute to resist! 

With flash...

This could also be used in the spring I'm thinking. Not too holiday-ish to not be used out of season. And I'm from Texas so all we really have is melted snowmen anyways! Lol :P

I'd like to add that Ninja Polish is really pumping out some fun and unique polishes lately and I'm super pleased by the quality! Oh, and they ship so fast, I'm jus' saying...