Saturday, December 1, 2012

Candeo Colors *Mallard*

I'm going to do a quick post on Candeo Colors *Mallard* because this polish is truly one of my favorite glitters of all time.

I think. 


Yeah def top 5 for sure. ;)

Anyways! This is post is showing Mallard over a dark and a lighter color. Mallard is a stunning mix of purple and green glitter in different sizes with silver and some extra sparkle.

First, here it is over China Glaze *viii*. A beautiful dark purple. 
Almost black, but you can tell its purple in the sun.

       And here it is over two coats China Glaze *For Audrey*. 
My minty go-to color.

I love this glitter and think it looks great over both of these colors! I'd like to try it over a periwinkle purple color next!

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