Monday, August 27, 2012

Sinful Colors *Grecian Sun*

This blue... WOW.


Probably my favorite blue that SC has yet to release. This had a great application, great dry time, JUST GREAT everything!! I love this as a stand alone color but it also works well with glitter!

This is two coats with one coat of Seche Vite top coat. My camera really didn't enhance the blue too much, it was very bright in person as well!

China Glaze *Celtic Sun* + WnW Fantasy Makers *Glow in the Dark* + *Floam* tips

I did this mani a few weeks ago to try out China Glaze *Celtic Sun* and Ninjapolish *Floam*. Not to mention the layer of WNW Fantasy Makers Glow in the Dark! 

I started this off with the usual Kleancolor Calcium base and OPI Natural Nail base. Then two coats of Sinful Colors *Snow Me White* for a base for China Glaze *Celtic Sun*. Celtic Sun needed 3 coats but it dries matte which means FAST DRY TIME! Then after that I did 3 thin layers on WNW Glow in the Dark. A day after completing this masterpiece I got Floam in the mail!! Yay FLOAM!!!!! I noticed that the yellow matte glitters in Floam were pretty much dead on with Celtic Sun and kinda drowned them out, so I only did tips. I used tip guides. I'm not brave enough to just slap it on lol. Im sure somewhere sandwiched between all those layers is a coat of Out the Door regular fast dry topcoat. Then Seche Vite on top to seal it up!

Here it is with the lights on!

Aaaand here it is with a black light charge! 

This GITD polish is really REALLY bright. Even without the blacklight charge. 

I did some research before buying the WNW and saw it compared to CG Ghoulish Glow and this one definitely took the cake! It's hard to come by tho and I found mine on eBay for around $10.

Ludurana Duochrome *Red/Orange*

OK. I have all these pictures that are pretty recent so I'm going to post a few of my past manis on here with what I used and what not!! I'll probably post a fresh mani blog this week sometime, as soon as I figure out what its going to be and find some free time to paint! But until then... I guess I'll show.... THIS!!!

Ludurana duochrome in *Red/Orange*  

Isn't the color shift spectacular?! This was 3 coats, which wasn't bad because it dried pretty fast.

I also have the Magenta/Gold and Blue/Violet. The duochrome isn't as intense with the Magenta/Gold. Blue/Violet is an untried as of now and was extremely sheer when swatched. This is probably my favorite out of the bunch and also a great color for fall!

I also used INM Out the Door Northern Lights as a top coat, then sealed up with a coat of Seche Vite after everything was dry for added protection!

The next fresh post will be more intensive and picture heavy!
I'm thinking of doing *Sand Art* from Pretty & Polished.
Now what for a base color...? Hmmm.....

Mari Moon *Artsy*

Here is a past mani I did using Mari Moon in *Artsy*!!

The color shift with this polish is just jaw dropping! Every angle reveals a different color! 
The shimmer you see is INM Out the Door Northern Lights top coat in Silver. I use it often for a subtle holo effect.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

D&R Apothecary *Blueberry Ice* + Kleancolor *Pastel Blue*

Hello out there in blog land! 

For my VERY FIRST post I'd like to show D&R Apothecary's 'Blueberry Ice' over Kleancolor Pastel Blue! I did this yesterday.... I started this manicure off with my usual prep: one coat of Kleancolor Calcium base followed by OPI Natural Nail base coat. Then for a base color I chose Kleancolor Pastel blue. I thought it was a nice choice, however this Kleancolor seemed like it was very goopy and somewhat hard to apply. The polish was drying in the bottle between nails and started to get this stringy quality! Well, that aside I managed to do two coats because the first left a few bald spots =/ I do really like my Kleancolors, just because I know the dry time will be really fast but sometimes its TOO fast. 




After cleanup, I applied BLUEBERRY ICE and WOW this is one UNIQUE polish! As are most of D&Rs line up! It has tiny blue/white and a lil bit bigger than tiny white glitters mixed with large and small green holo hex with this stunning dark blue bar glitter!!! It is AHMAZING! So far with this polish I have noticed GREAT application and very fast dry time. By great application I mean you don't have to really mess around with the glitter to get them how you want. I had to fish for a few more bars in the end just because I love them so much and felt it needed more pizzazz! I waited for it to dry up pretty good before applying one thick coat of Seche Vite. I find the longer you wait between each coat, the less shrinkage you will have. I also applied another coat of SV today just because I wanted to make sure those bars weren't going anywhere! I did have one curl up (which was my fault for rough housing with the glitter lol) but I snipped with my super sharp and tiny craft scissors before the 2nd top coat! 

 I'm on a glitter binge right now so expect more GLITTER lol 

Whats your favorite polish with bar glitter in it? Tell me in the comments below!