Monday, August 27, 2012

China Glaze *Celtic Sun* + WnW Fantasy Makers *Glow in the Dark* + *Floam* tips

I did this mani a few weeks ago to try out China Glaze *Celtic Sun* and Ninjapolish *Floam*. Not to mention the layer of WNW Fantasy Makers Glow in the Dark! 

I started this off with the usual Kleancolor Calcium base and OPI Natural Nail base. Then two coats of Sinful Colors *Snow Me White* for a base for China Glaze *Celtic Sun*. Celtic Sun needed 3 coats but it dries matte which means FAST DRY TIME! Then after that I did 3 thin layers on WNW Glow in the Dark. A day after completing this masterpiece I got Floam in the mail!! Yay FLOAM!!!!! I noticed that the yellow matte glitters in Floam were pretty much dead on with Celtic Sun and kinda drowned them out, so I only did tips. I used tip guides. I'm not brave enough to just slap it on lol. Im sure somewhere sandwiched between all those layers is a coat of Out the Door regular fast dry topcoat. Then Seche Vite on top to seal it up!

Here it is with the lights on!

Aaaand here it is with a black light charge! 

This GITD polish is really REALLY bright. Even without the blacklight charge. 

I did some research before buying the WNW and saw it compared to CG Ghoulish Glow and this one definitely took the cake! It's hard to come by tho and I found mine on eBay for around $10.

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