Sunday, September 9, 2012

China Glaze *For Audrey* + D & R Apothecary *Party in my Pocket* Accent Nail

Hello everyone! I went to the Sinful Colors sale yesterday and loaded up on 12 more goodies! But here I am showing China Glaze. Why you ask? Because I have too many untrieds and I've been dying to use this one as I am a fan of all things teal. And CG For Audrey is a beautiful dusty teal color.

 Here's my duo for today.

I decided to do an accent nail with D&R Apothecary's Party in my Pocket - and whoa is it ever!
 It has pretty much every color and size of glitters! Stunning! I love the black and white tiny mattes, to me thats what really makes it pop! 

 Here's a close up.

Isn't that awesome?! 

Now onto the paint job. I started off with my usual prep. Then did 2 thin coats of CG For Audrey
Dry time was fast because (as I find with most CG) the formula is really thin. And it was rock hard in about 15 minutes! Super! The only problem was it was so thin it pooled a little bit around the cuticles. No biggie really and I'll def deal with it because of the dry time! Then I decided to do one coat of Party in my Pocket on my ring finger nail as an accent! After everything was dry I applied INM Out the Door as a top coat.
 I use that sometimes too because the shrinkage is less (but dry time is longer than Seche Vite) and felt it was a good move on the 'color only' nails.

Here it is in full sun! See! Practically no pull back (shrinkage) with the color nails.

Also, it was pretty opaque with one coat but I did two anyways. 

Here it is in indirect sun.

 And here it is under artificial light. Makes it look super dusty in color.

And lastly, here's a super duper up close of the accent nail.

It's definitely a party on my accent nail!!!

I did this on my toes too but with glitter all the way! Oh teal how I love you!
All in all this is a really nice color. And again can't go wrong with the CG! I'll wear this until the tip wear sets in.... until next time!!


  1. Absolutely stunning! So so pretty. I love that blue too, so cheery :)

  2. Thank you so much!! I'm lovin this one. Its def moved up on my favorites list!!