Monday, September 10, 2012

Sinful Colors *Mint Apple* + D & R Apothecarys *Shattered*

Not 24 hours after my last mani, I made a booboo with my nails! It might have been self induced. 
 Oops. Lol. Thats okay tho because of course, I had to do a full repaint and this time used one of my new Sinful Colors Mint Apple and D & Rs Shattered as an accent on my ring finger and thumb!

Here's a close up of Shattered. GORGEOUS!

Ok so here we go. I started with my usual prep. Then did 2 coats of SC Mint Apple. I love their polishes with the glass fleck in it. This one has a very subtle holo effect at the right angle. Just. Stunning. The application was good, a little bit of drag but thats just because it wanted to dry so fast!

Then after my base color was nice and dry, I applied one dabby coat of Shattered.
It is an awesome glitter with "micro tiny turquoise slices, fine black hex glitter and fine sliver hex glitter along with small black hex, metallic silver shreds, silver holographic squares, matte turquoise glitters and large silver holographic hex". As stated from Rachel at D & R. Its awesome. Another hit for sure!
 My favorite part is the lil turquoise line glitter!

Here we are in direct (morning) sun.

See the slight holo effect on Mint Apple?? STUNNINGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Oh man I went picture crazy here lol.... But its just so awesome!!!!! Here's another one...

Here's the super duper up close of the accent! LOVE IT!!!

And in artificial lighting...

I did use INM Out the Door as a top coat on this one too. And if you've ever went to bed a few hours after you *thought* a mani was dry, you know that those darn sheet lines are going to be inevitable!
I might Seche Vite this one up today as a saver and try to keep it boo boo free for a few days!

Until next time...


  1. Drop dead gorgeous. I just love that SC color!!!! Looks beautiful with the bling, too!!!!


  2. Thank you!! Im really digging the accent nail trend :) Not to mention a whole set of glitter can be a pain to remove lol