Wednesday, September 5, 2012

D & R Apothecarys *Mint Chocolate* + Sinful Colors *Out of this World*

Hello everyone! Today I have another glitter to show from D & R Apothecary aka Hit Polish!

I had to file my nails down a bit before painting and started with my usual prep. After that was dry I applied two coats of Sinful Colors 'Out of this World' (above) which is a very sheer metallic/holo like silver. The holo effect disappears after this first coat which is a bummer and I would have minded more if I wasn't going to put this sparkly goodness on top.

Enter: D & R Apothecarys ( in MINT CHOCOLATE! This is awesome glitter. It has medium sized mint green/ brown hexes, smaller sized mintier green hex, teeny tiny brown square glitters sprinkled about and a few 'chocolate bars' in there too! I <3 bar glitter!! Line glitter, whatever you call it! When it behaves its really awesome and this glitter behaved very well. I only did one thick coat of Mint Chocolate. Gotta conserve my minis and two coats of glitter can be a little much sometimes, especially when it comes to removal!

Here it is in full sun after one coat of Seche Vite dry fast top coat!

I really wasn't sure what to use as a base color. I swatched it over brown and light green (Kleancolor TLC to be exact) but then tried the silver. Much better! Really makes everything pop I think. Maybe I just have holo on the brain too lol Thanks to my friend April @ Lacquer Inspiration for finding me the most awesome GOSH Silver Holographic! Can't wait to get that puppy :)  Anyways...

 Here it is in the shade.

  Heres a super duper up close.

I'm having fun with my D & R's! Their polish is amazing and always unique!
 I look forward to fall so I can use that 'Autumn Harvest'! And don't forget about Halloweeny right around the corner! Are you ready for the holidays?!


  1. gorgeous! I have about 10 (including 4 autumn ones) I may have to do a skittles!

  2. Wow hun that's lovely! And I looove the name - now I want icecream!

    1. I know right!! And Mint Chocolate chip is one of my all time favs!