Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sinful Colors *Rainstorm* and Hit Polish *Aquarelle*

Hello all! 
Today I have Sinful Colors Rainstorm and Aquarelle by Hit Polish (formerly D & R Apothecary)!

Rainstorm is a beautiful navy blue color. No shimmer. No fleck. Just a nice semi-gray navyish blue. 
"Aquarelle is a beautiful pastel mix of mini matte aqua hex, matte white bars, small matte lilac hex and medium matte bubblegum pink squares." - quoted from Hit Polish.

Here's a macro of the glitter. And sorry for the non-sun pictures! There was a rainstorm going on! How fitting! I'll be sure to add more 'in sun' pictures as soon as it decides to make an appearance.

Onto application! I started with my usual prep, then moved on to Rainstorm! Which was absolutely perfect going on! Great formula for this one. Very opaque in one coat, but I usually do 2 anyways just to even out. Very fast dry time as expected with SC. Then I did one dabby coat of Aquarelle on my ring finger as an accent! Sealed it up with one coat of INM Out the Door. I also did one coat of SV today (the day after) for super protection because darker colors tend to be more noticeable when the tip wear sets in and if you accidentally get a boo boo!

Here we are in CLOUDY conditions.


Here's a close up of the accent. 

And here we are in artificial lighting.

I am loving both of these! I had such a hard time trying to figure out what I wanted Aquarelle to go on top of. I think this is nice tho. I'll def have to try it with one of my teals soon.

Here's a pic of the weather that was going on whilst I was outside snapping pics :)

Enjoying the rain here in West Texas!

Until next time...

Here's an added pictures for direct sun reference!


The tip wear is setting in ahhhh!!!!

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